Building wealth for our investors for over a decade

At Girik, our philosophy is to primarily invest in leading, high quality, businesses that can multiply in size over time, and are run by high quality management teams.


Founded in 2009, Girik Capital is a Mumbai based SEBI registered portfolio manager providing discretionary asset management services. Our focus is Indian listed equities and we cater to corporates, institutions, family offices, and individuals from India and globally. The investment management team at Girik brings more than 20 years of cumulative experience in investment management.

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We find emerging structural opportunities and invest in them in the early phases

Huge market opportunity

The bigger the market opportunity, the higher the profit potential.

We look for businesses that are serving an under-penetrated industry with a huge market potential

Scalable business models

The best businesses do not require much capital to scale

We look for businesses that can grow their revenue and increase their market share without spending too much on capex.

Leading company

A handful of companies are true leaders

We focus only on leading companies with a leadership position in product or service. In addition, the company should be able to deliver profitably from its leadership.

Excellent corporate governance

Good corporate governance ensures that business is run in a shareholder-friendly manner.

Poor governance can wreck equity returns. We try our best to identify and avoid such risks.

Highly capable management

Capable management don’t expose companies to unnecessary risk

A leader maintains its status only when it is run by honest and capable people. We focus on teams that know their businesses well and deliver sustainably.

Consistent track record

A proven leader with a consistent track record

We look for companies that have shown consistent growth in earnings while maintaining a healthy balance sheet.

Portfolio Strategy

Our Portfolio Approach

We manage portfolios under one strategy with a focus on investing in leaders.



Multicap Growth Equity Strategy

  • The disciplined approach to investing in industry leaders
  • Investment in the efficiently-run, growing businesses
  • Portfolio construct of 18-25 stocks
  • The investment horizon of 3-5 years
  • Risk management emphasis on capital protection.

Girik in Media

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Interview with Bloomberg Quint (14th August, 2020)

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Girik Team

Deep Maheswari
Investment Analyst
Deep Maheswari

“Deep has been with Girik since April 2010. He joined Girik after completing his Masters in Financial Analysis from the La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.”

Yash Somani
Investment Analyst
Yash Somani

“Yash has been with Girik since January 2017. He joined Girik after completing his MSC Management from London School of Economics and Political Science. Prior to that he completed BMS from Mumbai University.”

Bhavya Shah
Investment Analyst
Bhavya Shah

“Bhavya has been with Girik Capital since September 2018. He was previously at Garnet International and has more than 2.5 years of experience in Equity Research. He is a BCom graduate, a qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) and a CFA Charterholder.”

Deepak Khatwani
Investment Analyst
Deepak Khatwani

“Deepak joined Girik in January 2020. He has previously worked with Opulent Investment Adviser Pvt. Ltd. and Avvanti Advisor Pvt. Ltd. He is a commerce graduate and a CFA Level III candidate with more than 9 years of experience in equity research.”

Ms. Anita Chouhan
Compliance Officer
Anita Chouhan

“Anita has been with Girik since July 2021. She has previously worked with Ambit Private Limited in the Compliance role. She has more than 3 years of experience and is a Company Secretary – ICSI and has a Masters in Commerce from Mumbai University.”

Maneesh Mathew
Operation Head
Maneesh Mathew

“Maneesh has been with Girik since May 2017. He was previously at BNC & Associates Chartered Accountants, Mumbai and has 9 years of experience. He is a BCom graduate and a qualified Chartered Accountant.”

Mr. Saurabh Bhushan
President, Sales & Investor Relations
Saurabh Bhushan

“Saurabh has been with Girik since November 2020. He was previously with Monsoon Capital, Barclays Bank, Deutsche Bank AG and has more than 2 decades of experience in Product, Sales & Strategy and IR. He has completed his MBA in Finance and is a Chartered Financial Analyst”

Yash Parekh
Head-Investor Relations
Yash Parekh

“Yash has been with Girik since December 2019. He has previously worked with Axis Bank & Essar Group. He has 10 years of experience and has completed his MBA in Finance.”

Mr. Nilesh Jain
Investor Relations Associate
Nilesh Jain

“Nilesh has been with Girik since January 2020. He joined Girik after completing his MBA in Finance and is a CFA Level II Candidate. Prior to that, he has completed Bachelors in Accounting & Finance from Mumbai University.”

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